FSC®-certification - for our environment

Refeka GmbH has sucessfully passed FSC®-certification in December 2008!

If desired we can now supply our products made of guaranteed sustainable paper production. The international seal therefore is available to you as well. Printed on your direct mailings, brochures or promotional packages it will impart to your clients and to the public the highest standards of quality as well as your direct contribution to the environment.

FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council, is an international seal granting the highest environmental standards endorsed by large environmental associations for the preservation of an ecological balance. The certificate ensures that our paper is not derived through an exhaustive cultivation of nature, but rather manufactured responsibly and with the sustainability and protection of the environment in mind.
CoC, Chain of Custody, means that all links in the chain of printed products, from the forest owner to the cellulose and paper factory, the paper distributor and the printing press, require individual operational certification. This documentation and control of the whole production process ensures an environmentally sound product.

With our FSC® certification we seamlessly complete an ecologically sound production process.

We fulfil the production process requirements for certification through:
  • a documented system of controls
  • stock intake inspection and identification
  • safe product identification during the entire production process
  • explicit identification of goods issued
  • storage of all FS®C records (product tracing)
For all our employees task definitions and responsibilities are documented accordingly in the process and work directives of our integrated quality management handbook.


Additionally we are accredited with PEFC™ certification. Both certifications -
PEFC™ as well as FSC® - have similar high quality standards regarding the sustainability, the quality of the working process and the social skills of the people involved in the process.

We are pleased to contribute this service to your company's success and will inform you of more details upon request.