Company History

Walther Rüger

Founded 1950

Walther Rüger, founder and CEO of Refeka, is the moving spirit
of the innovative and the traditional family owned enterprise.
Brilliant ideas and ambition bring him into contact with Germany's major enterprises of the postwar period. He gains experience by working for the largest wholeseller of promotion material in Munich and gives Refeka its name:
Re (klame) Fe (st- und) Ka (rnevalsartikel)

1950 - 1960

Refeka produces masks and funny headdresses as well as advertising materials representative of the spirit of that time: flags, pinwheels, sunshades and promotion materials for large department stores. Walther Rüger keeps inventing new products in the head office in the heart of Munich.

1960 - 1970

The spirit of the age is changing, the point of sale now is the centre of the sales message. Walther Rüger invents the patented wheel chains which soon turn around at every gas station in Germany. The many ideas and patents are the main factor for the constant growth of Refeka. 1969 the company's premises are too small and Refeka moves to the suburbs of Munich-Trudering.

1970 - 1980

The market transforms from a sellers' market to a buyers' market. The customer is the heart of any promotional activity and has to be reached by special means. Refeka's innovative ideas add to successful sales campaigns for Germany's leading industries. On April 1st, 1973 the son of the company's founder Walther Rüger starts his career at Refeka: Christian Rüger learns the business from scratch. His wife, Monika Rüger, is his close assistant. The personnel has grown to approximately 50 employees and 400 assembly workers. The expansion of the work force brings the necessity for a new location: the new factory is built on an area of 5.600 sqm in the commercial zone of Kirchheim- Heimstetten east of Munich. The staff moves in on September 24, 1976.

1980 - 1990

The decade of changes: Christian Rüger is inaugurated as 2nd CEO. The advertising market and its demands have changed profoundly. Direct marketing is the centre of Refeka's business now. The paper engineers of Refeka invent more and more products made of cardboard: effect cards, premium packaging and displays are the predominant products of Refeka. Major enterprises such as Volkswagen, Ferrero, Siemens, IBM, Allianz and many more are now regular customers.

1990 - 2000

The production site in Kirchheim-Heimstetten has grown too small and is enlarged in 1996 by 100 %. This doubling of space enables the profound expansion of machinery at Refeka. In the meantime Refeka is Germany's best known adress for paper engineering, special effect cards and packaging. Refeka works for advertising and production agencies as well as enterprises from different business sectors throughout Germany. In May 2000 Refeka celebrates the company's 50th anniversary: the work of Walter Rüger's lifetime is accomplished. Refeka has grown to be an innovative, medium-sized company standing on firm ground.

2000 - 2010

The European Economic Area grows together and Refeka grows along with it: products are exported to European neighbour countries and Canada. Refeka is quick off the mark responding to the constant changes and high demands of the advertising market. The latest PC networks, plotters and CAD systems are standard equipment for fast and reliable handling. The production process is embedded into a TQM system for optimum results. Innovative creativity and excellent know-how has established Refeka as the market leader. After the death of Senior CEO Walther Rüger in December 2003, his son Christian Rüger takes over the management of Refeka together with his wife Monika Rüger. As sole proprietor he operates the business with a firm hand to achieve sustained success.