"You know, it will work!" Our customers can rely on our slogan. In all respects, Refeka's slogan expresses the truth about our philosophy:

  • Lead in the creative pulses of paper engineering - that is our aim. For us creativity is the merging of technique and art. For continually innovative services.

  • Work flexibly, within our structured and cost-effective business plan - that is our claim. For optimal results.

  • Each working step is embedded in the total quality process. Supported by a network of first-class professional partners. For the highest quality.

  • Exceptional consulting and scheduling. Each of our customers projects is handled by a qualified Refeka representative. For easy communication.

  • Deadlines are our focus, because they are the central point where all marketing activities meet. For dependable delivery.

  • There is an ideal product for any project and budget - may it be small or large. For the ultimate success!